BGV has created a charity fund — BGV Charity Fund

The team of the investment company BGV launched a charity in March. The BGV Charity Fund was established to help Ukraine during the war and rebuild the country after the victory. The Fund searches for, procures, provides legal support, and organizes the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine for those who need it.

The main directions of the Fund’s work are:

  • Cooperation with perinatal centers, maternity hospitals, and children’s hospitals to provide the youngest patients with everything they need;
  • Assistance to hospitals and specialized medical institutions — purchase and delivery of medicines, instruments, and medical equipment;
  • The “Nutrition and Hygiene” direction is about purchasing and logistics hygiene products and tools to address and avoid humanitarian crises in Ukraine.

The founder of the BGV Charity Fund is a Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist — Gennadii Butkevych, who is developing several children’s, sports, social, and other charitable initiatives in Ukraine at his own expense.

“The BGV Charity Fund is about the belief in a Strong Ukraine. We work for big and small victories, taking care of the country and its people. We aim for partnership in all its manifestations because, in a period of military chaos, uncertainty, and lack of resources, cooperation and devotion of people give excellent results. During the first month of our work, we delivered 143 trucks with charitable assistance from Europe to Ukraine, that is almost 2,900 tons of goods and products,” said Hennadiy Butkevych.

BGV Charity Fund already cooperates with state institutions and local authorities and has more than 20 partners-suppliers of goods and products — these are the businesses from Ukraine and all over Europe. Leading European supermarket chains such as Rossmann, Lidl, and Billa are among them. BGV Charity Fund cooperates with companies in Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, and Romania.

Among the benefits of the BGV Charity Fund:

  • Assistance in response to actual needs
  • Effective use of charitable funds
  • Convenient and fast logistics
  • Quality documentary support
  • Transparent reporting
  • Attracting Ukrainian businesses and creating jobs
  • Interaction with people on the ground.

BGV Charity Fund has hryvnia and foreign currency accounts so that everyone can support the organization and join humanitarian projects focused on the specific needs of refugees, military, volunteer centers, medical facilities, and residents of cities where active military actions are taking place. Details of the Fund — on the official website at the link: