Hennadii Butkevych’s BGV Charity Fund and Zhytomyr City Council sign memorandum of cooperation in 2023

On December 27, Hennadii Butkevych’s BGV Charity Fund and the Zhytomyr City Council signed a bilateral partnership memorandum to strengthen cooperation for economic, social, and defense support of the Zhytomyr region.

“From the very beginning of the large-scale invasion, the BGV Charity Fund has been supporting the communities of the Zhytomyr region: delivering humanitarian aid to the population, supporting hospitals, providing kits for newborns, gifts for children, food kits for the elderly, and much more. The Zhytomyr region is one of the primary focuses of our organization’s work. And today’s memorandum only confirms that this work will continue and will be systematic to promptly respond to the needs of the city and its residents,” Polina Aldoshyna, representative of the BGV Charity Fund, emphasized.

According to the memorandum, Hennadii Butkevych’s BGV Charity Fund implements several charitable initiatives in Zhytomyr with its funding, namely:

  • It will help prepare and equip points of invincibility in the territory of the regional center to support the population during the war; namely, it will provide part of such points with field kitchens, potbelly stoves, tents, and food products.
  • It will purchase powerful generators for hospitals and points of invincibility in the city (from 35 kW to 120 kW);
  • As part of humanitarian projects, it will provide food support for the city and its residents; in early 2023, it is planned to purchase and transfer large batches of food products to the community;
  • It will implement social projects to support socially vulnerable segments of the population;
  • It will assist the military formations of the Zhytomyr region in increasing the defense capability and mobilization readiness of the area and the country as a whole.

In particular, on December 27, as part of the first stage of cooperation with the Zhytomyr City Council, the BGV Charity Fund handed over 700 kg of long-term storage products, ten gasoline generators, and 12 diesel heat guns to the city community to set up points of invincibility in the city.

“Generators, heat guns, and a batch of products are being transferred today. Such cooperation will be permanent. We need this help to equip the Points of Invincibility. The enemy, I am sure, will continue to attack the energy infrastructure. We must be able to warm people, feed them, and provide shelter. Such measures and the work of the BGV Fund are not only about generators, heat guns, and products. It is about the warmth of human hearts,” said Mayor Serhii Sukhomlyn.

In addition, on the initiative of Hennadii Butkevych, the founder of the BGV Charity Fund and the BGV Group Management group of companies, the businesses’ interaction with the region will be strengthened in the Zhytomyr region to develop entrepreneurship, create jobs, as well as develop socially responsible projects aimed at community development in the post-war period.