Everyone Matters charity project: first 3,500 elderly residents of Zhytomyr region received their food kits

On December 23 and 24, on the eve of the holidays, representatives of the BGV and Pure In Hearts charity foundations visited communities in Zhytomyr to hand over food kits as part of their regional project, Everyone Matters. Elderly residents of the Olevsk, Ovruch, Luhyny, Slovechne, Hladkovychi and Bilokorovychi territorial communities of the Korosten district were the first to receive help.

Benefactors delivered 3,500 food kits here for older people living alone. Such sets include rice, pasta, oil, canned food, tea, salt, and sauce — a total of 11 items. As part of the first wave of the Everybody Matters charity project, the funds will distribute 20,000 food kits to the population aged 70+ in the Zhytomyr region. Part of the aid will be given to the following village, settlement, and city councils:

  • Korosten district — Chopovychi, Slovechne, Olevsk, Korosten, Luhyny, Malyn, Horshchyk, Irshava, Hladkovychi, Bilokorovychi, and Ovruch communities.
  • Zhytomyr district — Andrushky, Vysoke, Starosiltsi, Vyshevychi, Stanyshivka, Nova Borova, Popilnia, Horodok, Brusyliv, Kurne, Berezivka, Romaniv, Radomyshl, Vilshanka, Potiivka, Volytsia, Khoroshiv, Kornyn, Hlybochytsia, Teterivka, Kvitneve, Cherniakhiv, Liubar, Chudniv communities
  • Zviahel district — Dubrivka, Novohrad-Volynska, Yarun, Pishchiv, Stryieva, Barashi, Bronyky, Horodnytsia, Yemilchyne, Chyzhivka communities.
  • Berdychiv district — Vchoraishe, Shvaikivka, Raihorodok, Krasnopil, Hryshkivtsi, Berdychiv, Ruzhyn, Semenivka, and Chervone communities.

Polina Aldoshyna, a representative of the BGV Charity Fund and a deputy of the Zhytomyr Regional Council, stressed the unifying power of the charity initiative: “I am amazed at how much mutual aid and cooperation the Everyone Matters project is filled with. After all, behind each issued set is a large team, weeks of work, hundreds of cars, letters, documents, and a great desire to support the elderly. In the first few days after the project’s announcement, we received 55 letters from the heads of city, settlement, and village councils requesting such food kits for the elderly. 24/7, we are in close contact with local authorities and all partners, solving issues of transportation, storage, and distribution of kits. We understand that all New Year’s and Christmas days will be filled with work within our charity project. And I will tell you: our team wanted to fill the winter holidays with pleasant activities. Helping is valuable.”

To recap, batches of food kits within the Everyone Matters project will be given to older people on the ground under the organization of local authorities. Part of the kits will be distributed centrally, about which representatives of village, settlement, and city councils will inform residents. Part of the food packages will be delivered to the addresses of pensioners. Regarding obtaining such a food set, you can contact the representative offices of local self-government bodies: village, settlement, and city councils of your community, which will help you fill out a written application to receive aid.