The Government has facilitated the passage of humanitarian aid to Ukraine from abroad

On Tuesday, March 22, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, a decision was made to simplify the import of humanitarian aid from abroad. According to the resolution adopted on March 23, only one document is required to import humanitarian aid – a declaration filled out at customs.

The Government also abolished the list of goods recognized as humanitarian aid. It means importing all permitted goods sent to Ukraine as humanitarian aid without restrictions is possible. You do not need to get a certificate from Civil-military administrations or other authorities to bring humanitarian cargo to the country.

“Only one document is needed to import humanitarian aid – a declaration filled out very quickly. Indicate the sender, recipient, the actual unloading place, and type of assistance. That’s all. If it is humanitarian aid to the state of Ukraine, it can be sent to the Military administration of the region or the relevant ministry. If you want to get the cargo to a specific community, you should state it as the recipient and then take the shipment to its intended location,” said Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal on his Facebook page. Find the full text of the document at: