Products for Ukrainians provided by European supermarkets Lidl

From the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our country found itself on the verge of a humanitarian crisis due to the shelling of the civil, transport, and industrial infrastructure.

As of the end of March, nearly 700 homes had been destroyed, some 4,000 homes damaged, as well as hundreds more industrial and commercial infrastructure — warehouses, farms, distribution centers, shops.

Our BGV Charity Fund team, realizing the limited opportunities and massive demand in the domestic food market, has actively entered the international trade networks searching for partners.

As a result of the work of our charity fund, we managed to establish contact with the Polish team Lidl, which volunteered to help with products, in particular one of the primary shortages in Ukraine — durable goods.

Lidl is a German international supermarket chain present in most countries of the European Union and is developing in the markets of Australia, China, and the United States. The Lidl chain includes more than 10,000 stores worldwide, including 672 supermarkets in Poland.

As of the end of March, we have already delivered 25 trucks of humanitarian goods from Lidl Poland to Ukraine. It is almost 500 tons of quality products — canned food, snacks, cereals, flour, confectionery, etc. In Ukraine, the humanitarian cargo was delivered and unloaded at the coordination depots of the Kyiv City State Administration for further targeted assistance to Kyiv residents and residents of the region.