Medicines from Austria for Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital

In early March, we managed to bring a truck of medicines and goods for the National Children’s Specialized Hospital “Okhmatdyt.” In particular, the cargo contained rare medications that needed to be delivered as quickly as possible from Austria to patients of a medical institution in Kyiv.

Documentation support and organization of humanitarian aid logistics is one of the main directions of work of the BGV Charity Fund. That is why, in addition to partners-suppliers of products and goods, our Fund develops a vast infrastructure for transportation:

  • We already have 5 warehouses in Poland and Ukraine with a total area of ​​almost 10,000 m2.
  • 118 drivers and modern 20-ton trucks are involved in the transportation of humanitarian goods.
  • The BGV Charity Fund has already allocated over UAH 3.9 million to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.
  • We organize the necessary passes and permits for our drivers and volunteers to deliver goods from point A to point “Ukraine” without hindrance and as quickly as possible.
  • Our team consists of more than 20 highly qualified specialists — lawyers, financiers, logisticians, and coordinators, who perfectly manage the receiving, transporting registration, and delivery of humanitarian aid.