85 aid trucks from Deutsche Bahn

Citing the words of the founder of the BGV Charity Fund, Hennadiy Butkevych:We aim for partnership in all its manifestations because, in a period of military chaos, uncertainty, and lack of resources, cooperation and devotion of people give excellent results.

The joint project with Deutsche Bahn is about cooperation in its most effective manifestations, the efficiency of interaction, and the results.

Deutsche Bahn AG is a German railway company, Germany’s largest railway operator. This German state concern is the largest railway transport and railway infrastructure company in Central Europe.

In March, Deutsche Bahn set up a logistics network of road and rail depots to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Initially, the cargo is collected and transported to the Berlin hub by truck. It is packed in containers and then transported by DB Cargo freight train to Poland for further transportation to Ukraine.

In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, we delivered more than 85 trucks of humanitarian aid from Poland to various cities of Ukraine – approximately 1,700 tons of food, medicine, soft drinks, baby food, hygiene products, and more.
In this supply chain, in addition to cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, it is also worth mentioning several international retail chains and manufacturing companies, the products of which come to Ukrainians who need them now. Such companies include: Unilever, VDH Service, Suntat Mannheim, Drinkstar, DS Produkte GmbH, Novelex, Salvus Mineralbrunnen and others.